Troika governs the Society. They are elected each semester. The Troika are:


Peter Tapsak

Current Occupation

Madame Secretary

Jane Adams

March 6, 2016
Current Occupation

Prefect of Secret Rites

Tim Egan

March 6, 2016
Current Occupation

Executive Committee

The Exec­utive Comm­ittee is the consul­tative body of the Chester-Belloc Debate Society. It con­sists of the cur­rent Troika, founding mem­bers and every past chair­man. The Exec­utive Comm­ittee pres­erves trad­ition and the insti­tutional continuity of the Society. Cur­rent membership is as follows:

Tyler Ament
Sometime Chairman
Director, International Youth Coalition
Born: July 22, 1910
English Language and Literature

It is the best forum on campus for developing one's ability to articulate, or fail to articulate one's beliefs and opinions. The Society helps prepare students fulfill their duty to live out the Christendom motto by teaching its members to accept any challenge in the intellectual arena. If you want that in one sentence, it's the best club on campus.

Rand Brown
Founding Duma
Officer - USMC
Born: March 15, 1986
BA - Political Science '08

It is my sincerest hope that the Chester-Belloc Debate Society will give Christendom students a much-needed portal for honing the essential skills of rhetoric and public speaking. After all, rhetoric is supposed to be one of the pillars of a liberal arts education and there is no point in learning what is taught at Christendom if one cannot articulate such ideas in a public forum of debate. Who knows what great deeds may come about from Christendom students who learned how to unleash the power of the Truth while attending debates put on by this noble Society.

Monica Burke
Sometime Chairman
Andrew Clark
Sometime Chairman
Born: September 23, 1990

The CBDS is an excellent way for students to not only sharpen their public speaking skills, but to vividly and actively pursue the truth.

John Connolly
Founding Duma
Born: November 24, 1985
English ('08)

From the beginning, the CBDS has been delightfully treasonous and wonderfully seditious. Everything that makes up Christendom College is good. But everything that is good must be questioned. That is the point of the CBDS. Those things that are truly good have nothing to fear from stern questioning. The society provides the medium for these discussions, and we approach with the open mind and love of the truth that should be the distinctive mark of a Christendom education.

Sean Connolly
Sometime Chairman
Church Organist
Born: May 27, 1991
Classical and Early Christian Studies

"The truth is not to be defended: it defends others. Truth does not need you: you need it" -Guigo, Meditation 204

Christopher Foeckler
Sometime Chairman
High School Teacher
Born: May 12, 1990
BA in Theology

The Society is a great way for Christendom students to practice public speaking in defense of the truth, learn more about controversial issues, and build friendships with intelligent and enthusiastic young men and women.

Benjamin Hough
Sometime Chairman
Network Specialist, U.S. Inspect
Born: April 29, 1986
Political Science

The Society has served as gathering place for those who enjoy discussing the higher things. It is composed of the intellectual elite at Christendom College, and it is my hope that the Duma will act on this reality and take on the mantle of leadership within the student body. The Society has the potential to add a new dimension to the intellectual life on campus.

John Jalsevac
Founding Duma
Journalist, LifeSite News
Born: October 01, 1984

I was fortunate enough to be involved in the gestation of the current incarnation of the Chester-Belloc debate society in the fall of 2007. Unfortunately that semester also happened to be my final semester at Christendom. My brief involvement with the society brought home the immense value of public debate for the student of the liberal arts and made me regret that it had not existed and been active during the majority of my career at Christendom. Nevertheless, I am deeply grateful to see that future generations of Christendom students have recognized the value of the society and are ensuring its continued existence. I sincerely believe that the society will aid greatly Christendoms mission to produce first-rate intellectuals who are capable of defending the first things with lucidity and persuasiveness.

Eric Jenislawski
Faculty Advisor
Assistant Professor of Theology
Born: August 06, 1973
Yale B.A., Physics and Philosophy. Yale Divinity, M.A.R. Philosophical Theology; Catholic University of America, Ph.D. Systematic Theology

The reawakening of Christendom will occur when smart Catholic men pursue the truth in a fraternal atmosphere of eloquent rhetoric and vigorous dialectic. As a co-founder and the faculty advisor of CBDS, I am very happy with the rapid growth of the Society and how eagerly it has been received on campus. CBDS rekindles the amazing experiences that were once a part of classical education in ancient Greece and Medieval disputations, the centerpiece of university life. The brotherhood of the Society is a great way to pursue excellence as an undergraduate. I look forward to its continued growth in future years.

Tyler Lowe
Sometime Chairman
Director of Campus Education, The Federalist Society
Born: March 14, 1990

The Chester-Belloc Debate Society provides a unique opportunity for intellectual and professional growth for driven students at Christendom College. Public debates force members to articulate and defend their views with clarity and rigor under the eye of peer scrutiny. Members actively work to achieve excellence in their rhetorical ability, professional presentation, and mental acumen; they are measured against a high standard excellence.

Matthew Marcolini
Sometime Chairman
Born: March 14, 1993
Thomas Maurer
Sometime Chairman
Born: August 15, 1992

"Participating in the CBDS is a lesson in rhetoric and class."

Michael Mazzara
Sometime Chairman
Joseph N. Ambrose Mazzara
Sometime Chairman
Marine Officer
Born: July 17, 1986
B.A. Philosophy

Before the Society, our College had nothing but written tests to gauge the strength of a student’s grasp on Truth. While excellent for placing students among each other, the embrace of pen and paper did little to prepare the student for encountering The World. The Society provides a forum to the student, one for public discourse. Public debate! It awards the student a 'realization of a strength of soul of which otherwise [they] should have had no knowledge,' a strength of soul so necessary to carry the banner of Truth within The World.

Jennifer Mazzara
Founding Duma
Born: April 30, 1986
B.A., English Language and Literature

Jealousy is the tribute mediocrity pays to genius. --Archbishop Fulton Sheen

Samuel Phillips
Founding Troika
Teacher and Admissions Director at an All-Boys Preparatory School
Born: August 03, 1986
Bachelor of Arts, History
Paul Provencher
Founding Duma
U.S. Army Officer
Born: January 01, 1986
History and Philosophy
Jozef Schutzman
Sometime Chairman
Assistant Manager/Retail Sales
Born: September 24, 1986
B.A. in Political Science and Economics

It has been my honor and privilege to serve such a society as this; one with very lofty but realistic goals. The CBDS contributed greatly to my formation and education as well as those of my participating colleagues. It lent an opportunity to engage in public forum and utilize that which we had gleaned in the classroom. Christendom College continues to benefit greatly from the existence of this Society and I hope that it will continue to raise the student body to a higher intellectual level, preparing her members for a greater future.

Peter J. Smith
Founding Troika
Born: June 06, 1986
B.A. Philosophy

Give an honest man the truth, and you have at least one voice crying out in the wilderness. But teach an honest man the art of persuasion, and you will give the truth a voice so powerful that even the wilderness can not ignore it. Born from the rich intellectual tradition of Christendom College and in fidelity to the motto "Restore All Things in Christ," the Society strives to provide students with a forum for vigorous and open public debate. The founders aimed for nothing less than to form students into new leaders for the world, armed with a practical education in the art of rhetoric gained through experience. Truth and justice have no better ally in the arena of ideas than a man or a woman, who has developed the skill to persuade others effectively and rally them to the rightness of their cause.

Andrew Stine
Founding Duma
Software Contractor
Born: May 17, 1986
B.A., Christendom College, Political Science and Economics ('08)

Before the Society existed, there was not much of a forum for students to practice presentation and rhetorical skills. Aside from late-night debates in the dorms, there was not much room to practice persuasive skills either. I think that the Society has released a valve and provided a much needed outlet for argumentative, opinionated, and independently minded students.

BM3 Brendan Anthony Vieira, USCG
Sometime Chairman
Born: February 16, 1992
3 years spent at Christendom studying Philosophy, as a member of the class of '14

"C'est toujours l'ame qui gagne les combats decisifs." - Jean Raspail

Sean Vieira
Founding Troika
Web Developer
Born: February 22, 1986
Bachelor of Arts - Philosophy

To pursue the Truth in common - that above all else is the reason the Society exists.

Kevin Young
Sometime Chairman
Born: July 24, 1992


A current listing of appointed officers in Society:

Rachel Kujawa
Elementary Teacher
Born: August 04, 1991
History Major/ Sacred Music minor
John Martz


The Duma are the guiding body of the Chester-Belloc Debate Society. Once a year, the Society invites students of Christ­endom Col­lege who are active in the debates to join the Duma and they are inducted in a secret cere­mony off campus. Member­ship is life­long, save vio­lation of Society rules. A current listing of Duma member­ship, including alumni, is as follows: